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School Of Promise Project

Dear Guests,

For the past few months the news of 60 crore Indians being going to toilet in open have been highlighted by different media many times.

Our NGO (Nirmala child n women welfare foundation) was thinking of doing construction work for this issue and planning for it.

On 15th august 2014, by getting the inspiration from our respected Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi, we have started a SEPTIC TOILET of 10 units in distt MEWAT in Haryana.

This septic toilet concept is being designed by reputed Architect firm and scientifically proven.

This unit will help to provide a shelter to our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, chances of rape cases which are maximum at darkness will be reduced.

It will maintain hygiene and reduce the chances of diseases and end product of this concept will result in an end product called GOLDEN WATER which is very good for farming.

If 125 crore Indians contribute one rupee daily for 365 days for this cause. It will give return of Rs 456250000000/- For a family of 4 people a size of 3’.5’’ * 5’ * 8’ is sufficient which will

cost Rs 15000/-. This amount of fund can help our country to make 30416666 toilets.

This way in 5 years span we can remove this SHAMEFUL STIGMA from our country of 60 crores INDIANS going into open for toilets.

On 25th August 2014. First unit of 10 septic toilets handed over to the people of village Raipur , city Punnanah, district Mewat (Haryana).

Further taking the considerations into effect we are handing over sewing machines to the Principal of Government Schools, as ignite to the cottage industry training and uplifting the skill set for girls on 13th of September 2014.

This will also include a mass eye check-up camp, where the tokens and names will be noted to carry out free treatments as required.

Everybody is welcome.

Best Regards,